Workplace Rehabilitation

Work Options provides workplace and vocational rehabilitation services to a wide variety of blue and white collar industries throughout Australia, under various personal injury schemes.

As an industry leader with more than 18 years active service, we understand the disruptions and financial burdens that employee injuries have on your business. Our team of injury management specialists will guide you through these obstacles, ensuring the quick and safe return to work of your injured employees, whilst minimising claiming costs.

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Workplace & Vocational Rehabilitation Services


  • Initial Needs / Early Intervention
  • Workplace / Ergonomic / Task Analysis
    Functional / Activity
  • Home and Daily Activities
  • Vocational / Transferable Skills / Labour
  • Market Analysis
    Employability / Earning Capacity
  • Medico-Legal
  • Aptitude & Cognitive Screens

Return to Work Same Employer

  • Treating party case conferencing
  • Identification of suitable duties and employment
  • Return to work upgrading plans
  • Exercise activity plans
  • Early Intervention Services
  • Return to work case management

Return to Work New Employer

  • Vocational and adjustment counselling
  • Comprehensive job search training and support
  • Resume preparation
  • Retraining, work experience and incentive programs
  • Reverse marketing, cold canvassing, job seeking
  • Treating party case conferencing
  • Specialised programs for complex and/or long term cases
  • Return to work case management

Reputation for Integrity, Quality and Service

Strong Results

Experienced Team & Staff Retention

Wide Geographic Coverage

Complex Claim Management

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  • Discount on other services
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